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A language of Papua New Guinea

ISO 639-3uln

Population  100 in Papua New Guinea. 15 in New Britain, a few scattered in Papua New Guinea; the rest southeast Queensland, Australia (1981 C. Volker).
Region  East New Britain Province, Rabaul. Also in Australia.
Alternate names   Rabaul Creole German
Classification  Creole, German based
Language use  Descendant of pidginized Standard German which originated in Gazelle Peninsula of New Britain during German colonial times among Catholic mixed-race (‘Vunapope’) community. With increased mobility and intermarriage, it is disappearing. Mainly older adults. All fluent in at least 2 of Standard German, English, or Tok Pisin [tpi]. Some also use Kuanua [ksd].
Language development  Grammar.
Comments  Nearly extinct.
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