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A language of India

ISO 639-3url

Population  No estimate available.
Region  Kerala, Idukki District, Upputhara, Kanchiyar, Vannappuram, Velliyamattom, Ayyappankovil panchayats.
Alternate names   Oorazhi, Uraly, Urli
Dialects  Shares features with Tamil [tam], Irula [iru], and Kannada [kan] (Lal 1991). Lexical similarity: 60%–71% with Malayalam [mal], 54%–58% with Tamil.
Classification  Dravidian, Southern, Tamil-Kannada, Kannada
Language use  Mainly older adults.
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 73%.
Comments  A Scheduled Tribe. Separate linguistically from both the Urali dialect in Tamil Nadu and Betta Kurumba [xub] in Wayanad District, Kerala. Hunter-gatherers; agriculturalists. Traditional religion. Nearly extinct.
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