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A language of United States

ISO 639-3win

Population  11 (2004), decreasing. 230 reported in 1997 (1997 V. Zeps). Ethnic population: 6,000 (1995 V. Zeps). 822 enrolled in Nebraska (1968 BIA).
Region  Central Wisconsin scattered; eastern Nebraska, Winnebago Reservation.
Language map  Northern Central United States of America
Alternate names   Hocák, Hocak Wazijaci, Hocank, Hochank, Winnebago
Dialects  Wisconsin, Nebraska.
Classification  Siouan, Siouan Proper, Central, Mississippi Valley, Winnebago
Language use  Mainly older adults. Also use English.
Language development  Plans are for full-immersion in Hocák school system, preschool through community college. Bible portions: 1907.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  The name is written with a hook under the ‘a’ of ‘Hocák’, representing a nasalized vowel. The official name for the people is Hocák Nation. ‘Winnebago’ is the Algonquin name. Nearly extinct.
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