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A language of Indonesia (Papua)

ISO 639-3wno

Population  7,000 (2001 SIL), decreasing. Ethnic population: 7,000.
Region  Central highlands area, upper Rouffaer River basin north of Damal, northwest of Dem, south of Kirikiri, Iau and Duvele, east of Moni, west of Western Dani.
Language map  Indonesia, Eastern Papua, reference number 77
Alternate names   Waano
Dialects  East, Central, West. Similar to Western Dani [dnw], Nggem [nbq], Walak [wlw]. Lexical similarity: 65% with Western Dani.
Classification  Trans-New Guinea, West, Dani, Wano
Language use  Religious services, home, field, community, oral. Most ages. Little interest in language revival, low prestige, considered inferior to Western Dani and Indonesian. Also use Western Dani, Dem [dem], Moni [mnz], or Indonesian [ind].
Language development  Bible portions: 1979–1989.
Comments  SOV; postpositions; possessor before noun head; articles, adjectives, numerals, and relatives after noun head; question words initial in VP, final with demonstratives; 2 prefixes, 5 suffixes; bare-root with complex verbal morphology, switch reference and (or) delayed vs. immediate sequential, tail-head linkage; (C)V(C); final stress, nontonal. Hunter-gatherers; semi-nomadic. Traditional religion, Christian.