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A language of Senegal

ISO 639-3wol

Population  3,930,000 in Senegal (2006). Population total all countries: 3,976,500.
Region  West and central, Senegal River left bank to Cape Vert. Also in France, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania.
Language map  Senegal and the Gambia, reference number 32
Alternate names   Ouolof, Volof, Walaf, Waro-Waro, Yallof
Dialects  Baol, Cayor, Dyolof (Djolof, Jolof), Lebou (Lebu), Jander. Different from Wolof of Gambia [wof].
Classification  Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Atlantic, Northern, Senegambian, Fula-Wolof, Wolof
Language use  Official language. National language. Language of wider communication. Main African language of Senegal. Predominantly urban. Also use French or Arabic.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: 10%. Literacy rate in L2: 30%. Radio programs. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1988.
Writing system  Arabic script, Ajami style. Latin script.
Comments  ‘Wolof’ is their name for themselves. Muslim.

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Language name   Wolof
Population  12,000 in Mauritania (2006), increasing.
Language map  Mauritania
Alternate names  Ouolof, Volof, Walaf, Yallof
Dialects  Baol, Cayor, Dyolof (Djolof, Jolof), Lebou, Ndyanger.
Language use  National language. Home, market. All ages. Positive attitude.
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 50% French.
Comments  Muslim.