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A language of Chile

ISO 639-3yag

Population  1 (2003). Ethnic population: 100 (2000 W. Adelaar).
Region  Patagonia, Isla Navarino, Puerto Williams, Ukika hamlet.
Alternate names   Tequenica, Yagán, Yaghan
Dialects  Most similar to Qawasqar [alc], and had some relationship to Siane [snp] (Tovar 1961). Earlier there were up to 5 dialects.
Classification  Language isolate
Language use  Reportedly still in use near the Beagle Canal Naval Base in Chile. Shifted to Spanish [spa].
Language development  Dictionary. Bible portions: 1881–1886.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Their name for their language is ‘Háusi Kúta’. Nearly extinct.
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