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A language of Indonesia (Papua)

ISO 639-3yet

Population  1,000 in Indonesia (1996). Population total all countries: 1,200.
Region  Pegunungan Bintang Regency, Okbibab subdistrict, border area east and north of Sobger River, south of Ji Mountain. Also in Papua New Guinea.
Language map  Indonesia, Eastern Papua, reference number 149
Alternate names   Biaksi, Biksi, Inisine
Dialects  Yetfa and Biksi are 2 ethnic groups, speaking the same language.
Classification  Sepik, Biksi
Language use  Trade language in the area, extending to Papua New Guinea border. Home, market, religious services.
Comments  Agriculturalists; hunters. Christian, traditional religion.

Also spoken in:

Papua New Guinea

Language name   Yetfa
Population  200 in Papua New Guinea (1992 SIL).
Region  South of Green River, into Papua, Indonesia.
Language map  Papua New Guinea, Map 5, reference number 190
Alternate names  Biaksi, Biksi, Inisine
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