Barzani Jewish Neo-Aramaic


A language of Israel

Alternate Names
Bijil Neo-Aramaic, Lishan Didan, Lishan Dideni

20 (2004 H. Mutzafi). In 1951, it was spoken among the 8 Jewish families of Bijil, a village in Iraqi Kurdistan. (1998 H. Mutzafi). Speaker who died in 1998 was over 80. Last Bijil dialect speaker died in 1998.

Language Status

8b (Nearly extinct).


Barzan, Bijil, Shahe. Sandu is a Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialect closely related to Barzani, but several isoglosses link it with Lishana Deni [lsd].

Language Use

All older than 70 years. Some passive users in their 50s. Also use Hebrew [heb], some also speak other Neo-Aramaic languages. Also use Kurdish [kur].

Other Comments

Originally spoken in 3 villages near Aqra, Iraq. Also in Nerim village perhaps as a separate dialect.