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Niedersächsisch, not Niedersaechsisch


Niedersächsisch, not Niedersaechsisch

Kay, Wed, 2015-12-23 03:15
Alternate Names
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Location: the correct English name of the "Land Niedersachsen" ist state of Lower Saxony. Beside that: I am also not quite sure, why this language should be developing? It is hard to find young people that are fluent in this language or L2 speakers. Many North Germans like me can understand it quite well, but can not speak a clear sentence. Many "L2 speakers" have the tendency to speak a mix of Low Saxon and Standard German.

Editorial Action

We will re-assess the language vitality of Low Saxon [nds] in Germany for the 19th edition of the Ethnologue.


Ethnologue Editor, Wed, 2015-12-23 09:47

Dear Kay,

You have a good argument here for changing the EGIDS value given to Low Saxon [nds] in Germany (5 - Developing). We will look further into this after the holidays in January.

Best wishes,
Charles Fennig, Managing Editor, Ethnologue

Ethnologue Editor, Wed, 2016-01-13 14:48


Your first-hand knowledge of the language situation for Low Saxon [nds] in Germany is good. We will change the EGIDS value from 5 to 7, based on your assessment, and add the Age Range of speakers information to support this change.

Charles Fennig, Managing Editor, Ethnologue