A language of Chile

Alternate Names
Alacaluf, Alacalufe, Halakwulup, Kaweskar, Kawesqar

12 (2006 O. Aguilera). 10 in Puerto Edén. Ethnic population: 2,620 (2002 census).


Magallanes y Antártica Chilena region:West Patagonia, Channel Region, Isle of Wellington off south Chilean coast, 49 degrees south. Center is Puerto Edén.

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Language Status

8b (Nearly extinct).


Aksanás (Aksana). Dialects are generally divided into three groups, northern, central and southern, of which only the northern is still spoken (Barros 1990).

Language Use

Most ethnic group members are bilingual in Spanish [spa] (Crevels 2007).

Language Development
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Other Comments

Aksanás has been shown by Clairis to be a misinterpretation of old Qawasqar; it is a phantom (Campbell and Grondona 2012).