A language of Peru

Alternate Names
Amaguaco, Amawaka, Ameuhaque, Ipitineri, Sayaco

90 in Peru (2000 SIL), decreasing. Population total all countries: 310. 20 monolinguals. Ethnic population: 500. 300 in Peru; 200 in Brazil; perhaps 50 not contacted in border areas. L2 users: A few women by reason of intermarriage with Amahuaca men use the language at home.


Southeast Amazon basin, Ucayali and Madre de Dios regions scattered on Sepahua, Curiuja, Curanja, Upper Ucayali, Inuya, Mapuya, Purus, Aguaytía, Yuruá, and Las Piedras rivers.

Language Status

7 (Shifting).


None known. Reportedly most similar to Kashinawa [cbs] and shipibo-Conibo [shp].



Language Use

Group disintegrating and losing its identity due to intermarriage with others. No bilingual education program (2007). Home, village. Mainly older adults; only children in the most distant communities still acquire the language. Negative attitudes. Also use Sharanahua [mcd], Spanish [spa], Yaminahua [yaa].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: 30%. Literacy rate in L2: 50%. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1963–1997.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Christian (Protestant), Christian (Roman Catholic), traditional religion.

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