Agta, Mt. Iraya


A language of Philippines

Alternate Names
Inagta of Mt. Iraya, Itbeg Rugnot, Lake Buhi, Rugnot of Lake Buhi East

150 (Wurm 2000). Ethnic population: 380.


Luzon, Bicol region, Camarines Sur Province, Mount Buhi area east of Lake Buhi.

Language Maps
Language Status

7 (Shifting).


54%–86% comprehension of Naga dialect of Central Bikol [bcl], 94% comprehension of Mt. Iriga Agta [agz], Iriga City dialect. Lexical similarity: 85%–90% with Bikol; 70% with Mt. Iriga Agta, Iriga City dialect, 93% among four dialects.

Language Use

Home. Used by a few children. Negative attitudes. Also use Filipino [fil].

Other Comments

Heavy borrowing from Legaspi dialect of Central Bikol [bcl].