A language of India

Alternate Names
Brokpa, Brokpa of Dah-Hanu, Dokskat, Kyango

10,000 (Johnstone and Mandryk 2001).


Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Kargil districts along Indus river; northern Kashmir, Garkhon area, including Darchiks, Chulichan, Gurgurdo, Batalik, and Dah villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).

Language Use

Also use Ladakhi [lbj].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: Below 1%. Literacy rate in L2: 56% (2001 census). Dictionary. Grammar.

Balti script [Qaab].

Other Comments

Broq-pa is a Scheduled Tribe. A very divergent variety of Shina [scl]. Minaro is an alternate ethnic name. Ethnonym: Brokpa by Ladakhi. Glossonym: Brokskat, and is the oldest surviving member of the ancient Dardic language. Buddhist, Muslim, traditional religion.