A language of Bolivia

Alternate Names
Chimané, Mosetén

5,320 (Adelaar 2004). Ethnic population: 5,840 (2006 PIB).


Central La Paz Department, well north of La Paz city; southwest El Beni Department and along Maniqui river; San Miguel de Huachi and Santa Ana de Alto Beni.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


Mosetén, Tsimané. Mosetén move into Tsimané communities and function with seemingly no communication difficulties (2002 NTM).

Language Use

All ages. Women and elders speak very little Spanish [spa]. Children don’t acquire Spanish until they are 15, unless they attend a school in one of the highland communities (Crevels 2007).

Language Development
Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1997.

Latin script [Latn], not in use by Mosetén.

Other Comments

Mosetén and Tsimané separate languages (Adelaar 1991). Traditional religion.