A language of Algeria

Alternate Names

76,300 (2007 Laval University). Estimated Beni Menacer population is 61,000 (2007). 15,300 for Chenoui (2007 Laval University).


Aïn Defla province: north of Khemis; Chlef province: Mount Bissa area; Tipasa province: generally Mount Chenoua area; dialects: Chenoui in Mount Chenoua area, Beni Menacer to south and west; Djebel Bissa dialect in Tacheta forest area, and Beni Haoua village (Genevois and Reesink 1973).

Language Status

7 (Shifting).


Beni Menacer (Chleuh, Tachelhit, Tamenracit), Chenoui, Djebel Bissa, Tamazight de l’Atlas blidéen (Beni-Salah). Lexical similarity: 77% with Tachawit [shy], 76% with Kabyle [kab].

Language Use

Mainly rural village use. Being replaced by Algerian Arabic [arq] in larger towns and cities. Some parents teach children Arabic for educational advantage. These youth then learn Chenoua from elders at an older age. Men and young people also use Algerian Spoken Arabic [arq].

Language Development
Radio programs.
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