Bikol, Northern Catanduanes


A language of Philippines

Alternate Names
Northern Catanduanes Bicolano, Pandan

77,500 (2000 census). Speakers of all Bikol languages: 4,580,000 (2000 census). L2 users: Used by those intermarrying with local speakers and for business purposes.


Luzon, Catanduanes Province, Pandan, Caramonan, Viga, Panganiban, and Bato.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


68% comprehension of Naga dialect of Central Bikol [bcl], 66% comprehension of Filipino [fil] narrative. A member of macrolanguage Bikol [bik].

Language Use

All domains. All ages. Positive attitudes.

Other Comments

Proud of language and culture. People who identify with this language are negotiating multiple identities.