Dagaare, Southern


A language of Ghana

Alternate Names
Dagaare, Dagara, Dagare, Dagari, Dagati, Degati, Dogaari, Southern Dagari

700,000 (2003), increasing. 1,000,000 including Northern Dagara in Burkina Faso (2003).


Upper West region. Northwest corner.

Language Maps
Language Status

4 (Educational). Recognized language (1951, Laws of the Gold Coast, Vernacular Literature Board Ordinance, as amended by Ordinance No. 44).


None known. Southern Dagaare and Southern Birifor [biv] are partially intelligible. Distinct from Northern Dagara [dgi] in Burkina Faso.

Language Use

Vigorous. All domains. All ages. Also use English [eng].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: 5%–10%. Literacy rate in L2: 5%–15%. Taught in primary and secondary schools. Radio programs. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1970.

Latin script [Latn], used since 1966.

Other Comments

Dagaare is more prominent politically and socially than Birifor. Different from Northern Dagara [dgi] in Burkina Faso. Christian, traditional religion.