Pidgin Bantu


A language of South Africa

Alternate Names
Basic Zulu, “Fanagalo” (pej.), Fanagoloi, “Fanakalo” (pej.), “Fanekolo” (pej.), “Isikula” (pej.), Isilololo, Isipiki, Lololo, Piki, Silunguboi

L2 users: Several hundred thousand L2 speakers in South Africa (Reinecke et al. 1975).


Gauteng province: suburban Johannesburg and mining areas.

Language Status

3 (Wider communication).


Zambia dialect is called Cikabanga; in Zimbabwe, it is called, Chilapalapa. Influenced by Shona [sna] in Zimbabwe. About 70% of the vocabulary in Zimbabwe comes from Zulu [zul], 24% from English [eng], 6% from Afrikaans [afr]. Influenced by Bemba [bem] in Zambia. Lexical similarity: 70% with Zulu [zul], 24% with English [eng], 6% with Afrikaans [afr].

Language Use

Used widely in towns and gold, diamond, coal, and copper mining areas. Second language only.

Language Development
Other Comments

Originated in 19th century. “Fanagalo” and most or all other names are pejorative.

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