A language of Philippines

Alternate Names
Hiligainon, Illogo, Ilonggo

5,770,000 in Philippines (2000 census).


Masbate Province, Jintotolo peninsula, south of Panguiranan; Western Visayas, almost all of Negros Occidental Province; Negros Oriental Province, Basay, Bayawan, and Canlaon municipalities; Panay island, Iloilo Province, from Iloilo city northeast along Guimaras strait to Binon-an, nearby islands; west and central Capiz Province, and Guimaras island; Mindanao, central west and eastern Sultan Kudarat Province; South Cotabato Province, from northwest towards Bayabas; North Cotabato Province, area west of Lake Buluan; Maguindanao Province, small border area south of Timbangan.

Language Maps
Language Status

3 (Wider communication). Statutory language of provincial identity in Iloilo, 4 other provinces (1991, ACFLC Section 3(f), may not be subject to population threshold).


Hiligaynon, Kari, Kawayan.

Language Use

Also use Filipino [fil]. Used as L2 by Ati [atk], Caluyanun [clu], Central Subanen [syb], Cotabato Manobo [mta], Inakeanon [akl], Inonhan [loc], Kagayanen [cgc], Kinaray-a [krj], Tagakaulo [klg], Tboli [tbl].

Language Development
Dictionary. Grammar. Bible: 1912–2002.

Braille script [Brai]. Latin script [Latn], primary usage.

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