A language of Indonesia

Alternate Names
Marori, Moaraeri, Moraori, Morari

50 (1998 M. Donohue). Ethnic population: 250 (1998 M. Donohue).


Papua Province, south coast border area 20 km east of Merauke, east of Marind, west of Kanum.

Language Maps
Language Status

8b (Nearly extinct).


Menge dialect remembered as the language of ceremony, though the last Menge speaker died in 1997.

Language Use

Endangered (2000 S. Wurm). Under pressure from Marind [mrz], a language group which surrounds the Morori, and from Indonesian [ind] (Wurm 2007). Mainly older adults. 100% also use Indonesian [ind]. 100% also use Papuan Malay [pmy]. Also use Marind [mrz]. Used as L2 by Bädi Kanum [khd], Ngkâlmpw Kanum [kcd], Smärky Kanum [kxq], Sota Kanum [krz].

Other Comments

Christian, traditional religion.