Guaraní, Ava


A language of Paraguay

Alternate Names
Apytare, Ava, Chiripá, Tsiripá, Txiripá

2,060 in Paraguay (Crevels 2007), decreasing. Population total all countries: 15,900. Ethnic population: 6,920 (Crevels 2007).


East central Paraguay; Alto Parana, Canindeyu, Caaguazu, Caazapa, and San Pedro departments.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Apapocuva. Reportedly similar to Paraguayan Guaraní [gug]. A member of macrolanguage Guarani [grn].

Language Use

All ages. 40% are bilingual in Guaraní [gug]. 20% in Spanish [spa].

Language Development
Taught in primary schools. Dictionary. Bible: 2006.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Most are from Apapocuva group, described by ethnographers. Fewer Spanish loanwords than Guaraní [gug]. Glossonym: Chiripá in Paraguay, Nhandeva in Brazil. Ñandeva is used in the Chaco to refer to Tapiete [tpj], a different but related language. Traditional religion, Christian.

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