A language of Cameroon

Alternate Names
Magbea, Mvumbo, Ngumba

9,000 in Cameroon (1982 SIL), increasing. Population total all countries: 22,000. L2 users: Some speakers of neighboring languages also use Kwasio (2011 SIL).


South region: Océan division, Kribi and Lolodorf subdivisions, Kribi forests area; Kribi and Lolodorf areas.

Language Status

5 (Developing).


Mabi, Mvumbo (Mekuk, Ngoumba, Ngumba). Dialects mutually intelligible. Lexical similarity: high with Makaa [mcp], Njyem [njy], and Koonzime [ozm] and grammatically similar.

Language Use

Some churches use Kwasio exclusively; some use a mixture with French [fra]. All domains. All ages, though many youth lose proficiency to French [fra]. Positive attitudes. 100% also use French [fra]. French used in education, politics and media. Also use Bulu [bum]. Used as L2 by Gyele [gyi].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: 10%. Literacy rate in L2: 75% in French [fra]. Poetry. Radio programs. Grammar. Bible portions: 1957–1969.

Latin script [Latn], used since 1930s.

Other Comments

Distinct from Ngomba [jgo], which is in West Province. Christian.

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