A language of Sudan

Alternate Names
Inyimang, Nyima, Nyiman, Nyimang, Nyuwing

70,000 (1982 SIL). Elderly and young children are monolingual.


Janub Kurdufan state: Jebel Nyimang hills area, Mandal hills, Kalara, Koromiti, Nitil, Al Fous, Kakara, Hajar Sultan, Salara, Tundia, Fuony, and other villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


Ama, Mandal (Male). 80% similarity between Ama and Mandal dialects. Lexical similarity: 59% with Afitti [aft].

Language Use

L1 widely used, even by children. All domains. All ages. Education is in Arabic [arb].

Language Development
Ama orthography and literacy materials developed. Grammar. Bible portions: 1950.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Called Nyuwing by some Hill Nubian languages; people on the Mandal Hills (Sobay (Sud), Adlan, Bade, Kule, Wulal) used to speak the Kudur dialect of Dilling [dil], but now only speak Ama.