Pashto, Northern


A language of Pakistan

Alternate Names
Pakhto, Pashtu, Pushto, Yousafzai Pashto, Yusufzai Pashto

18,700,000 in Pakistan (2013 SIL). Population total all countries: 21,038,000. Ethnic population: Possibly 49,600,000 Pashto in all countries.


Afghanistan border; most of North-West Frontier Province, Peshawar district and Yusufzai area; Federally Administered Tribal Areas, mainly central and northern areas; into Punjab Province, Mianwali district.

Language Status

4 (Educational).


Eastern Afghan Pashto, Ningraharian Pashto, Northeastern Pashto. Much similarity with Northwestern Pashto in Afghanistan. Subdialects of Northeastern Pashto are Kohat (Khatak), Yusufzai (Peshawar), Afridi, Shinwari, Mohmand, Shilmani. Lexical similarity: 80% between Northeastern and Southwestern Pashto. A member of macrolanguage Pushto [pus].

Language Use

Rich literary tradition. The Powinda are a nomadic Pashto-speaking group. Used as L2 by Badeshi [bdz], Gawar-Bati [gwt], Palula [phl], Southern Hindko [hnd].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: Low. Taught in primary schools. Poetry. Magazines. Newspapers. New media. Radio programs. Films. TV. Videos. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible: 1895.

Arabic script [Arab], Naskh style. Arabic script, Nastaliq variant [Aran].

Other Comments

Muslim (Sunni), Muslim (Shi’a).

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