A language of Bolivia

Alternate Names
Iru-Itu, Morato, Muratu

2 (Adelaar 2004). There are 3 groups of Uru origin: Chipaya, Iru Itu, Murato. Of these only Chipaya have conserved the language. The 1994 census has surprisingly shown that 59 of the 142 Iru Itu contended to know the language, which in reality is spoken by a few elders (Crevels 2007). Ethnic population: 590 (Crevels 2007). 450 Murato, 140 Iru Itu.


La Paz Department, south tip, Lake Titicaca, Desaguadero river area; Oruro Department, Atahuallpa province.

Language Maps
Language Status

8b (Nearly extinct).

Language Use

The Murato have shifted completely to Central Aymara [ayr] (Crevels 2007).


Unwritten [Qaax].