19th Edition

Buriat, Mongolia


A language of Mongolia

Alternate Names
Buriat-Mongolian, Burraad, Buryat, Mongolian Buriat, Northern Mongolian

45,100 (2010 census), decreasing.


North and northeast, especially Russian border (Republic of Buryatia), Dornod, Hentiy, Selenge, Hovsgol, Bulgan, and Tov provinces.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Khori, Aga. Buriat in Mongolia is a variety of Khori and differs considerably from Buriat [bxu] of China and the Russian Federation. Influenced by and mutually intelligible with standard (Halh) Mongolian [khk]. A member of macrolanguage Buriat [bua].

Language Use

Also use Halh Mongolian [khk].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: High in Halh Mongolian [khk]. Films. Videos. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 2004.

Cyrillic script [Cyrl]. Latin script [Latn], used in 1930s. Mongolian script [Mong], used until 1917.

Other Comments

Some books in Buriat. Not a literary language in Mongolia. Traditional religion, Buddhist.

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