19th Edition

Yupik, Central


A language of United States

Alternate Names
Central Alaskan Yupik

10,000 (Dorais 2010). Ethnic population: 25,000 (Dorais 2010).


Alaska: Delta area, Nunivak Island, Unalakleet to Bristol Bay coast to Unalakleet on Norton Sound; inland along Kuskokwim, Nushagak, and Yukon rivers; Chevak (Cup’ik dialect).

Language Status

6b (Threatened). Recognized language (2014, Official Languages of Alaska Law as amended, Alaska Statute 44.12.310).


Western Mampruli, General Central Yupik, Hoopes Bay (Unaliq), Unaliq. 3 quite distinct dialects.

Language Use

Still acquired by children in 17 of 68 villages. All ages. Also use English [eng].

Language Development
Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1956.

Latin script [Latn].

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