21st Edition

Arabic, Sanaani Spoken


A language of Yemen

Alternate Names
Northern Yemeni Arabic

11,100,000 (2015). Total users in all countries: 11,350,000.


Widespread; central areas: Amanat al Asimah and Sanaa governorates; outer areas: western Al Bayda’, Al Jawf, Al Mahwit, Amran, central and eastern Dhamar, eastern Hajjah, Ma’rib, and Sa’dah governorates.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous). De facto language of provincial identity in North Yemen.


A member of macrolanguage Arabic [ara].

Language Use

Also use Standard Arabic [arb]. Used as L2 by Rāziḥī [rzh].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 10%.

Arabic script, Naskh variant [Arab].

Other Comments

Distinct from Hadrami [ayh] and Ta’izzi-Adeni Arabic [acq]. Muslim.

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