21st Edition



A language of Canada

Alternate Names
Nklapmx, Nle’kepmxcín, Ntlakapamux, Ntlakapmuk

130 (FPCC 2014). 340 semi-speakers (FPCC 2014). Ethnic population: 6,140 (FPCC 2014).


British Columbia province: Fraser River north of Yale, lower Thompson River and tributaries.

Language Maps
Language Status

7 (Shifting). Language of recognized indigenous peoples: Ashcroft, Boothroyd, Boston Bar, Coldwater, Cook’s Ferry, Kanaka Bar, Lower Nicola, Lytton, Nicomen, Nooaitch, Oregon Jack Creek, Seabird Island, Shackan, Siska, Skuppah, Spuzzum, Yale.

Language Use

Older adults. Also use English [eng].

Language Development
No standard orthography. Dictionary. Grammar. Language preservation efforts not strong although Nlakapmx Tribal Council in Lytton started a language education program and is developing a teaching curriculum (Golla 2007).
Other Comments

Nicola and Coldwater are tribal bands.

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