The compilation of a body of information as large as the Ethnologue over the last six decades is the result of the cooperation and participation of hundreds of contributors. Lamentably, space does not permit a comprehensive listing of every contributor since Ethnologue came into existence. This edition has benefitted particularly from the contributions of researchers, language fieldworkers, and users of the languages who have freely given their time and expertise to improve the accuracy and quality of the data. We are especially grateful to those who have become registered users and have contributed valuable feedback online.

Gary F. Simons, as Executive Editor, provides vision, guidance, and most importantly, coordination and technical assistance for the task of bringing this edition into existence. M. Paul Lewis, as General Editor, provides overall direction for the research and data gathering activities of the Ethnologue. Charles D. Fennig, Managing Editor, has supervised the data entry process, tracked changes, dealt with thousands of electronic and hard copy communications, and has been a thoughtful and patient collaborator in the production process. Our Research Editors, Colleen Ahland, Michael Ahland, Stan Anonby, Ted Bergman, Albert Bickford, Ken Decker, Mark Karan, Lorna Priest Evans, and Stuart Showalter have stood at the ready to provide valuable advice and assistance. Denise Hovland has patiently and diligently entered volumes of data. We have also benefited from the geopolitical research assistance provided by Robert Johnson. Linda Simons has assisted us as the Ethnologue Bibliographer making innumerable improvements in our ability to track and report published sources.

Technical support for the Ethnologue database and the systems that allow us to edit the information and produce publications from it has been provided by Roger Hanggi, Joe McCarthy, Ray Uehara, and Chad White, who also serves as our webmaster. Melinda Lyons, ISO 639-3 Registrar, along with Anthony Aristar and Damir Cavar at LinguistList, have assisted us in keeping our database aligned with the ISO 639-3 inventory of identified languages.

The language maps have been produced under the direction of SIL’s Lead Cartographer, Irene Tucker, by Matt Benjamin and Eva Horton with quality assurance and technical assistance from Stephen Tucker and additional research by Colin Davis and Paul Thomas.

We continue to review language family classifications under the general supervision of Colleen and Michael Ahland. Most significant in this edition is a thorough reworking of the languages formerly classified as Khoisan. We are grateful to Joshua Dyer for his research and for comments and guidance from Tom Güldemann, Wilfrid Haacke, Bernd Heine, Kirk Miller, Richard Rudowske, Bonny Sands, and Hessel Visser.

Production of this edition was implemented by the staff of SIL International’s Global Publishing Services Department under the leadership of Alan Conner and with particular assistance from Gayle Sheehan.

The updated data reported in this edition reflect the cooperation and communications over the last year from many researchers in the field in SIL and other organizations but especially, in addition to those named above, the following who participated by reviewing, correcting, and updating data or by submitting online feedback: Anvita Abbi, Dany Adone, Karl Anderbeck, Anthony Aristar, Peter Backstrom, Denise Bailey, John Berthelette, Nancy Bishop, Roger Blench, Leoni Bouwer, Mike Bryant, Ed Brye, John Carter, Damir Cavar, Brad Chamberlain, Nate Cheeseman, Ruth Cowan, Swintha Danielsen, Klass deVries, Nico Doelman, Matthew Dryer, Josh Dyer, Dave Eernisse, Stephanie Eichentopf, D. Norman Geary, Charles E. Grimes, William Hall, Cameron Hamm, Geri Harm, Robyn Harvey, Lee Hochstetler, Richard Hoyle, Bernard Hurch, Ellen Hurst, Eric Johnson, Linda Jordan, Andreas Joswig, Hannes Kalisch, Dayal Kaur, Susanne Krüger, Christophe Landry, Lewis C. Lawyer, Timothy Lipp, John Livingstone, Jason Lobel, Melinda Lyons, Terry Malone, Elizabeth Martí, Victar Mas, Mila Mata, Rich Mattocks, Joe McCarthy, Stuart McGill, John E. McLaughlin, David Mead, Alexis Michaud, Carolyn Miller, John Miller, Kirk Miller, Mark Miller, Alan Mintz, Mohammed Mogoei, Bill Morrison, Tony Naden,Angi Williams Ngumbu, Natalie Novik, Jeanne-Elise Nyock, Barry O’Connell, David Oltrogge, Wyn Owen, Francis Paredes, Aliana Parker, Stephen Pattemore, Wesley Peacock, Nicolas Perrault, Rob Petterson, Dwayne Rainwater, Lawrence A. Reid, Bradley Rentz, Ali Robinson, Laura C. Robinson, Mark Robinson, Louis Rose, Julia Sallabank, Irvin Santo Tomas, Larry Seguin, Emir Selimi, Scott Smith, Radim Sochorek, Glenna Sollenberger, Tim Stirtz, Gillian Story, Rannveig Sverrisdóttir, Pascal Vaillant, Hessel Visser, Kyle von Rueden, Barb Waugh, Manasseh Wekunda, Yun Juhong, Stefanie Zaske.

Though there are many names listed above, we have almost certainly omitted others who have made significant contributions. To them we offer both apologies and gratitude.