What are the 10 largest / most spoken languages in the world?

See for data on the most spoken languages of the world.

What is the largest language family? In terms of languages? In terms of speakers?

For number of languages, Niger-Congo with 1526 living languages.  For number of speakers, Indo-European with nearly 3 billion speakers.

How many language families are there?

There are 136 language families

Which language is spoken in the most countries? How many countries?

English [eng].  It is spoken in 127 countries, as an indigenous language or by a substantial immigrant group.

How can I learn to speak language X? Can you send me a dictionary or language learning materials?

We do not teach specific languages such as Spanish, Turkish, Mohawk, or Tok Pisin. Rather, we teach linguistics (how to analyze a language) and language learning techniques (how to learn a language on your own).

How many languages are there in the world?


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