Official Name
People’s Republic of China
Principal Languages
Mandarin Chinese
Literacy Rate
91% (2010 USDS)
Immigrant Languages
Central Khmer (1,000), Parsi (5,000), Rohingya, Spanish (2,290), Walungge
Deaf Population
20,040,000 (2006 China Disabled Persons’ Federation)
Deaf Institutions
There are 550 schools for the deaf in addition to 683 special education schools in mainland China, some of which have classes for the deaf
General References
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Recognized Nationalities

Minority languages in China are associated with one or more officially recognized nationalities by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission

Language Counts
The number of individual languages listed for China is 297. All are living languages. Of these, 15 are institutional, 23 are developing, 100 are vigorous, 127 are in trouble, and 32 are dying.