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Germanic languages of France

Yves Bogner, Fri, 2015-04-03 06:17
Principal Languages

You classified all Germanic languages spoken in North-Eastern France under two categories: Alsatian and Luxembourgish, and this seems wrong to me. Indeed, the Germanic language spoken in part of Lorraine is not Alsatian, nor does it belong to Alemannic. In Lorraine, Franconian is spoken ( it is West Middle German, and not even easily mutually intelligible with Alemannic High German Alsatian). Furthermore, we may distinguish within the Germanic part of Lorraine three variants: Luxembourgish in the Western area of theDepartement Moselle and in Luxembourg ( which you did mention, though there are no coal miners there, but iron mines) Moselle Franconian in the North central part of the Departement Moselle and in the Western part of Saarland in Germany Rhenish Franconian in the Eastern part of the Departement Moselle, in Saarland, in the German Palatinate, Hesse, and North Western Alsace. I think that it is estimated that 200,000 people still use Franconian everyday in Lorraine, though it is no longer transmitted to children. Maps and articles corroborating this might easily be found on the Internet