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Missing Information for languages spoken in Montenegro

jelena Gica Gicic, Tue, 2015-01-27 10:18
Language Counts

Hi, from your page on Montenegrin languages i cannot see that you are mentioning Serbian language. i think it is a shame since at least 50% of Montenegrins consider their mother tongue as Serbian. As a Montenegrin, i can tell you that before decomposition of former Yugoslavia, 99% of Montenegrin citizens were speaking Serbo-Croatian language, named like that so not to offend Croatians nor Serbians, because it is in the principle the same language, but due to lack of better name it was called just like that. ( not to mention authenticity of Bosnian language) After the separation of Montenegro from Serbia and Montenegro, due to political pressure, the name started changing to Montengrin. You can see from 2011 article from Montenegrin most popular daily newspaper, at that time president of Montenegro saying "if Montenegro is an independent and if each of Serbo-Croatian-speaking countries started calling their official language by the name of the state, it should be done in Montenegro as well." : long story short, to avoid debate, i'm not official linguist, official documents of census 2011: -document CG6 gives the numbers of different language speakers as from results of the 2011 census: -here Serbian language is spoken by 43% of citizens if you sum the numbers of your Montenegrin page you will see that you are missing more then 1/2 of population. This official document can give you the total number of citizens, both in Serbian and English: hope you will take this in consideration, Many thanks, Jelena

Editorial Action

We have added updated figures for the major languages of Montenegro, based on the 2011 census.