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update population figures for Nyiha

Bernadette Mitterhofer, Wed, 2015-10-21 06:37

Hi, When I looked at the Nyiha (nih) entry I found that the population numbers are still from 1987. SIL-UTB did a survey in 2004 and got more accurate population numbers which can be found in the survey report (silesr2009-012). In the report it says that the 1987 figure for Tanzania is questionable. The Ethnologue estimates a total of 626,000 Nyiha speakers both in Zambia and Tanzania (together). In the report the number for Nyiha in Sumbawanga was given as 25,000 and for the Nyiha of Mbozi as 246,000 which would bring the total in Tanzania to 271,000. Is there a way to update the 1987 figure to the more accurate figure from the 2004 survey? Thanks, Bernadette Mitterhofer

Editorial Action

We have updated the speaker population for Tanzania Nyiha [nih] in Tanzania for the 19th edition of the Ethnologue.