Central African Republic

Official Name
République Centrafricaine
Principal Languages
French, Sango
Literacy Rate
43% (2010 UNESCO)
Immigrant Languages
American Sign Language, Bangi (7,440), Bomitaba (220), Gbaya, Hausa (20,000), Lingala (10,700), Mbandja (1,400), Ngbaka (3,000), Ngundi, Northern Ngbandi (290), Shuwa Arabic (63,000)
General References
Atlas Linguistique de l’Afrique Central 1988; Bendor-Samuel and Hartell 1989; Moñino 1988
Language Counts
The number of individual languages listed for Central African Republic is 71. All are living languages. Of these, 2 are institutional, 17 are developing, 48 are vigorous, 2 are in trouble, and 2 are dying.
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