Official Name
French Republic, République Française
General Remarks
France maintains comprehensive political associations at all levels with many countries throughout the world, especially in Africa, the Americas and the Pacific
National Languages
Literacy Rate
99% (2011 World Factbook)
Immigrant Languages
Adyghe, Algerian Spoken Arabic (660,000), Armenian (70,000), Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Central Atlas Tamazight (150,000), Central Khmer (50,000), Chru, Giáy (100), Hmong Daw (10,000), Hmong Njua, Iranian Persian (40,000), Iu Mien (700), Judeo-Moroccan Arabic, Judeo-Tunisian Arabic, Kabuverdianu (8,000), Kabyle (537,000), Khmu (500), Lao, Laz, Lesser Antillean Creole French (150,000), Mandjak, Maore Comorian, Morisyen (1,000), Moroccan Spoken Arabic (492,700), Northern Kurdish, Northern Zazaki, Standard German, Tachelhit, Tai Dam (1,000), Tai Dón, Tarifit, Tày, Tunisian Spoken Arabic (213,000), Turkish (135,000), Vietnamese (10,000), Western Cham (1,000), Western Yiddish, Wolof (34,500), Yeniche
Deaf Population
Deaf Institutions
General References
Comrie 1987; Salminen 2007; Stephens 1976
Language Counts
The number of individual languages listed for France is 25. Of these, 23 are living and 2 are extinct. Of the living languages, 5 are institutional, 11 are developing, 3 are vigorous, 2 are in trouble, and 2 are dying.