French Polynesia

Official Name
Polynésie française
Sovereignty Comment
Self-governing overseas collectivity of France

277,000 (2013 World Bank)

General Remarks
Includes Marquesas Islands, Gambier Islands, Austral Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago, Tahiti and Society Islands
Principal Languages
French, North Marquesan, South Marquesan, Tahitian, Tuamotuan
Literacy Rate
98% (2011 World Factbook)
Immigrant Languages
Rapa Nui (300), Rarotongan (870)
General References
Besnier 1992; Wurm 2007; Wurm and Hattori 1981
Language Counts
The number of individual languages listed for French Polynesia is 9. All are living languages. Of these, 2 are institutional, 1 is developing, and 6 are in trouble.
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