Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico's L1 is Spanish.

Zoé , Tue, 2015-03-31 18:05
Language Counts
Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico L1 is Spanish. We learn English at school but not everybody speaks it. There are no other languages spoken in Puerto Rico. Turists or inmigrants languages should not be counted as languages spoken in Puerto Rico. "Taíno" language which you have posted, is correctly known as Arahuaco. Taíno were the people (indigenous habitants of the Caribbean). Arahuaco language is dead. It was spoken by the early indigenous people before Spanish colonization. Many words from Arahuaco have prevailed adopted in Spanish. Arahuaco had made several lexical universal contributions as: hamaca (hammock), huracán (hurricane). I think you should correct this information on the site: Language count for Puerto Rico should be: 1 (L1) is SPANISH. L2 in Puerto Rico is English (not everybody can speak it) You will never hear Puerto Ricans speaking in any other language but Spanish in the Island. Official Language is Spanish, but because our political relation to USA English is taught at schools by law. 6,000 BC the taíno indigenous people from the Caribbean used to speak Arahuaco. Besides some dictionaries compiled by Puerto Rican linguists no body knows Arahuaco. Not even linguists can speak it. Hope this help to perfect your site.

Editorial Action

For the primary languages of Puerto Rico, the Ethnologue entry appears to be up-to-date and accurate.  We will work on the immigrant languages which are not.