A language of India


4,940 in India (Cardoso 2006). Relatively few monolingual speakers even in Korlai (Cardoso 2006). Population total all countries: 4,970.


Daman and Diu; Maharashtra, Korlai near Mumbai; Kerala, Kannur. Also in Sri Lanka.

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Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Cannanore, Cochin (Kochi), Diu.

Language Use

Some communities in India have no remaining speakers. Few remaining speakers in Cannanore; last speaker in Cochin, Mr. William Rozario, died on Vypeen Island (2010). Some younger speakers. Indo-Portuguese is in competition with standard Portuguese [por]. Also use English [eng], Marathi [mar], Gujarati [guj], Hindi [hin] (Cardoso 2006).

Language Development
NT: 1826–1852.
Latin script.
Other Comments

The term Indo-Portuguese does not stand for 1 language but rather a number of Portuguese-lexified creoles scattered across South Asia (Cardoso 2006). Christian.

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