Adamorobe Sign Language


A language of Ghana

Alternate Names

35 deaf in 2001 (Nyst 2007); total population: 1,360 in Adamorobe village (2000 census); most hearing people also sign, to varying degrees of proficiency (2010 A. Bickford).


Eastern Region, Adamorobe village.

Language Status

6b (Threatened).

Language Use

Indigenous deaf sign language, also used by many hearing people. In past years, as high as 10% deafness (1971), but about 2% in 2001 (Nyst 2007). All ages. Children also learn Ghanaian Sign Language [gse] (unrelated to AdaSL) in a deaf boarding school, but most older deaf and the hearing population know only AdaSL (Nyst 2007).

Language Development
Deaf boarding school.