Chin, Anu-Hkongso


A language of Myanmar

Alternate Names
Kaungso, Kaungtso, Khaungtso, Khawngso, Khong, Khongso, No

4,000 (2008), decreasing. No monolinguals.


Chin State, Paletwa township, between Kaladan and Michaung rivers.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Anu, Hkongso. Lexical similarity: 96%–98% and high intelligibility with Anu and Hkongso dialects, 72%–76% with Mru Chin [mro] with intelligibility is low, 23%–37% with all neighboring Chin languages, very low but bilingualism is high.


SVO; negation is marked before the verb

Language Use

Fairly strong vitality in Anu and Hkongso majority villages. But in mixed villages and intermarried families, Khumi [cnk] and Eastern Khumi [cek] varieties are now used. Most domains. All ages. Positive attitudes. Most also use Khumi Chin [cnk]; also use Eastern Khumi Chin [cek], Rakhine [rki], or Burmese [mya].

Language Development
Anu and Hkongso have separate literature efforts. Some literacy classes.
Latin script.
Other Comments

Christian, Buddhist, traditional religion.