Arabic, North Levantine Spoken


A language of Syria

Alternate Names
Lebanese-Syrian Arabic, Levantine Arabic, North Levantine Arabic, Syro-Lebanese Arabic

8,800,000 in Syria (1991). 6,000,000 in Lebanese-Central Syrian, 1,000,000 in North Syrian. Population total all countries: 14,426,540.


Also in Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, French Guiana, Israel, Jamaica, Lebanon, Mali, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey.

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Language Status

3 (Wider communication). De facto national working language.


There is an urban standard dialect based on Damascus speech. Beiruti dialect well accepted. Aleppo dialect shows Mesopotamian (North Syrian) influence.

Language Use


Language Development
Radio programs. TV. Bible portions: 1973.
Arabic script.
Other Comments

Muslim, Christian, Druze, Jewish.

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