Arabic, Libyan Spoken


A language of Libya

Alternate Names
Libyan Vernacular Arabic, Sulaimitian Arabic, Western Egyptian Bedawi Spoken Arabic

4,000,000 in Libya (2006), increasing. Population total all countries: 4,320,500.


Especially north half.

Language Maps
Language Status

3 (Wider communication). De facto national working language.


Eastern Libyan Arabic, Southern Libyan Arabic, Tripolitanian Arabic. In the west it is reportedly similar to Bedouin Arabic of southern Tunisia [aeb]. A member of macrolanguage Arabic [ara].



Language Use

Language not considered proper for official occasions, but at university, lecturers use it alongside Standard Arabic [arb]. Daily life. All ages. Used as L2 by Awjilah [auj].

Language Development
Taught in primary and secondary schools. Poetry. New media. Radio programs. TV. Videos. Grammar.
Other Comments

Muslim (Sunni).

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