A language of Senegal

Alternate Names
Baiot, Baiote, Bayotte

16,100 in Senegal (2006). Population total all countries: 18,790.


Southwest of Ziguinchor, a cluster of villages grouped around Nyassia village.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Essin. A dialect subgroup. Phonology and vocabulary in Senegal are considerably different from the two Bayot dialects in Guinea-Bissau. Lexical similarity: 15%–18% with other Jola varieties (most similar).

Language Use

Those who have moved to larger urban areas no longer pass the language to their children (2013 SIL). All ages. Also use Jola-Kasa [csk], Mandjak [mfv], Mankanya [knf], Upper Guinea Crioulo [pov], Wolof [wol].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: Below 1%. Bible portions: 2013.
Other Comments

Traditional religion, Christian.

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