A language of Pakistan


70 (1998).


Lower Sindh Province, Kapri Goth near Samaro, Khipro area, Jamesabad, Mirke goth, Mirpurkhas, Phuladia, and a few in Hyderabad. Possibly in India.

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Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Similarity of key morphemes: The possessive postposition with, g-, contrasts with all other languages in the area. Gender endings match Marwari [mve]. May be the same as Bhoyari dialect of Malvi [mup] in India. May be in Western Hindi group. Lexical similarity: 84% with Marwari [mve], 75% with Malhi dialect of Dhatki [mki], 73% with Bhat, 72%–73% with Goaria [gig], 70%–73% with Sindhi Meghwar dialect of Sindhi Bhil [sbn], 63%–72% with Mogi, 63%–71% with Sindhi Bhil [sbn], 70% with Urdu [urd].