A language of Nigeria

Alternate Names
Batta, Bete, Birsa, Bwatiye, Demsa Bata, Dunu, Eastern Bwatiye, Gboati, Gbwata, Gbwate

150,000 in Nigeria (1992). Population total all countries: 152,500.


Adamawa State, Yola North, Gombi, Song and Fufore LGAs. Also in Cameroon.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Furo, Garoua (Garua), Jirai, Kobotachi, Malabu, Njoboliyo, Ribaw (Ribow), Song Bata, Wadi (Wa’i), Zumu (Jimo, Zomo). Bacama [bcy] and Central Bwatiye [bcy] 54%–68% of non-riverine dialects (Furo and Song); Njoboliyo [bta] 87% of Furo [bta], Song [bta], and Central Bwatiye [bcy]; Njoboliyo [bta] 73% of Bacama. Upriver dialects have contact with downriver dialects due to fishing practices. Dialect chain: Bacama [bcy] 89% with Central Bwatiye [bcy], 81% with Njoboliyo [bta], 86% with Furo [bta], 84% with Song Bata [bta].

Language Use

Most Muslims shifted to Fulfulde [fub]. Home. All ages. Mixed attitudes. Also use Hausa [hau]; adults middle-aged and above also use Fulfulde [fub].

Language Development
Other Comments

Bacama [bcy] are joined with the Bata in the Bwatiye Association. Muslim, Christian.

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