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NT Baniwa

Marcio Monteiro Rocha, Sun, 2015-12-06 13:57
Language Development
ISO 639-3: 

Dear brothers Mission New Tribes of Brazil, Baniwa communities, Brazilian society, Unesco, Grace and Peace to all men and women. As signaled previously, I come through this, and other public spaces available in the media and social networks, request in favor of the Baniwa people of the Christian community and society in general, that the work of translation of the New Testament in the language Baniwa leave quinquagenária his imprisonment within the walls of the New Tribes of Brazil Mission (NTM - Manaus), and pass to be made available to the general population in order to let it be known and disseminated by whom it may concern. Regardless of intellectual property rights that can be given to its current holders, this work needs to be clear what prevents their study, knowledge, discussion and dissemination because it is not a one-sided work, but the undertaken joint efforts by a company Christian praying, crying and can contribute to, and how not, that your performance remains energized. What produce such fruit is still depending on a serious and honest reflection on the subject. Interpret this, and not only I, as a form of disrespect and dehumanization continued to Brazilian traditional communities, here, specifically, the Baniwa. The likely revisions and corrections that have been deemed necessary to date do not correspond or are equivalent to extreme necessity and lack of Baniwa by the lack of material translated into their mother tongue; a language considered endangered. Furthermore, given the conditions in which it was forged and the direct relationship it has established with traditional peoples, the historical and social context of the 1965 translation and the very original work itself, and its reissue in 1985, is Intangible Cultural Heritage humanity to be claimed. So I pray, earnestly, that, if not all, but at least the portions considered to be understood by the Baniwa people are immediately available, especially electronically, so as not to lose more Baniwa generations in disregard of Brazilian Christian institutions, a legacy in which no Christian enjoy being reputed. “Liako nalio,ikambia iuapinheetake iauaada inona ipekadoni ima prontokena hinaana iomakaro ithálikanaua liêhe eeno iminali.” (Mt 3.2) Understanding the right of all people. Project Light and Life: Mission Amazon

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