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Chala Authority

Yukuo Prince, Sun, 2015-02-22 16:28
Other Comments
ISO 639-3: 

Please i want to bring to your notice your description of the Chala people of Ghana in the Nkwanta of the Volta region as been under the paramount chief of Gikyode people. That statement is inaccurate and incorrect. The chala people people do not live under the traditional authority of any Tribe or language in Ghana. They are a sovereign and free group of people with a traditional authority. Odomi is the Spiritual headquarters of the Chala people. the chala towns or villages include, Old and New Agou, Kabiti, Juo Adigbe in the northern region Odomi, Keri, Nkwanta township with the chief of Nkwanta being enstooled by the chala people. Thank You

Editorial Action

We will make this change in the Ethnologue 19th edition database for Chala [cll] in Ghana.