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EGIDS level

Gary Simons, Wed, 2014-06-18 10:10
Language Status
ISO 639-3: 

EGIDS 5 does not align with the rest of the Language Status statement. The comment "mainly used in education" would elevate it to at least EGIDS 4. That might be the answer if the language has no official uses in government, but the designation Statutory Provincial Working Language would imply that is does and should thus be EGIDS 2.  Or should the function category be changed to Recognized Language if it really is not a working language of government on the island?

Editorial Action
Bob Johnson, our Geopolitical Editor, has looked at the function category for Corsican [cos] and agrees that Recognized Language is the proper category here. He also agrees that the EGIDS value should be changed from 5 to 4. These changes will be made for our 18th edition release.